My Story

As I grew up, I always dreamed of Golden Retrievers. As a young girl one of my first encounters with a Golden Retriever was seeing one leading a blind man and I just thought to myself, โ€œWhat an amazing dog!โ€ From there on, I knew that I would have a Golden Retriever for my family one day.

As my love and interest grew I started searching for Goldens in shelters online for almost 4 years and this process made me realize how special they were and how hard they are to find. As I would visit local breeders I was heartbroken to find the dogs werenโ€™t well cared for: their teeth bad and coats matted. After the years of searching, I came across someone who knew of puppies being rescued from a โ€˜Puppy Millโ€™ in Chilliwack.

After seeing firsthand the condition that these beautiful dogs were in, I knew someone had to do things differently. All of our litters are born and raised INSIDE as part of the family.  

Lola (our first Dam) made me realize how therapeutic the love of a Golden was and it helped minimize my PTSD by having her at my side; I wanted everyone to feel the love that I felt.

After Lolaโ€™s first litter, I started a private Facebook Group that has now grown to include 80+ happy families with healthy Goldens of their own. We upload photos and stories to share, schedule puppy meet-ups and celebrate birthdays together!

Nutrition is always #1! I ensure that all Dams (moms) and puppies are well cared for with quality nutrition, regular check-ups with the veterinarian and always getting an ok from the doctor when/if the Dam is good to start a litter.

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